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Saturday, November 17th 2012

2:51 AM

interracial dating

NOVEMBER 2012 - HONOLULU, HI - Black Women Deserve Better is really a rallying cry to Black women everywhere who are simply sick and tired of things as they are of today’s Black men-“men-children” who engage in disrespectful, irresponsible behavior, treating Black women as though they are worthless while also benefiting from them. As author CW highlights, Black women are caught inside a no-win situation, damned if they pay a subservient role and damned if they come off as too independent or strong.
A large part from the blame, CW says, would go to the “Black Community Machine”, which engenders feelings of guilt through its perpetuation of the Black man’s plight as being one Black women can directly affect through her behavior. They are saying, CW illustrates, “Don’t give that man difficulty!” (In reaction to substandard treatment); or ‘Chile, the Black man experiences enough residing in this country. We don’t need to add to his stress’; or “Now don’t go making a popular trend out of this”-being conned, cheated, raped, beaten, spit upon, whatever, with a damaged Black man-“There are sufficient brothers in jail already…” CW also examines the way the Black Community Machine remains offensively silent with regards to the violence that is perpetrated against Black women by damaged Black men.

black women

At a time where nearly every rap and hip-hop song denigrates the good thing about Black women, this book works as a wake-up call. Recall the movie Network, where a newsman, disillusioned with exploitation and also the sacrifice of integrity, rages against the existing state of things with this particular now famous line, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not likely to take it anymore!” Black Women Deserve Better is a plea to any or all Black women, that no matter their educational or socioeconomic status, it is time to allow them to stand up and say, “ENOUGH!” As author/blogger CW states, “Black women are abused, objectified, and marginalized daily.” Her book shows how Black women are devalued and just how Black men, no matter their age, participate in disingenuous behavior toward them.
BlackWomenDeserveBetter: “During time in the world, I've witnessed and experienced the rapid deterioration of Black man/Black woman relationships. It's disheartening to determine Black women from all avenues of life go through an earthly hell. From the college-educated entrepreneur to the single mother or perhaps a young woman entering her own, we all share one common denominator: Interpersonal relationships with Black men are the pits! I’m saying what a number of other Black women are scared to utter in public settings!”
Black Women Deserve Better courageously points out, it’s not wrong to desire marriage, in order to have expectations in a relationship. Which it’s more than okay to want to get along with a guy who will be responsible for his actions, who will take care of his family, and who isn't only thinking about fulfilling his own sexual desires. Just a little more than a year ago, she says, she began expanding her dating options to incorporate men of races.
“Black men are continually being shown to disrespect, dishonor, and disregard the Black woman. The ugly, heartbreaking results manifest themselves using the “baby mama” epidemic, video vixen mentality, enabling denial, along with other self-defeating behaviors. Yes, the Black man has a lot of try to do; however, Black woman are only able to control her own responses and actions. “Black Women Deserve Better” reveals your brain control and deceptions utilized by our own people to keep Sisters within their place. Resolve not only to want change, but additionally to become the change. Our daughters are relying on us!”
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